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For ambitious companies and startups

Have your own Flutter App developed

You want your own mobile app that shines with great features and unique design and offers your users exactly what they need? You already have an idea and want to have it implemented quickly and reliably without stress?

For over 12 years, we have specialized in transforming our clients’ ideas into high-quality and successful apps. With our many years of experience, no challenge is too small for us! We live and breathe mobile apps and can’t wait to meet your project!

Your challenge

You already have an idea / concept, but don’t know how to implement it

You have already taken the first steps, but you are stuck at various points

You can’t or don’t want to invest too much time in self research and rather hand it over to

You lack a sparring partner who understands you and will work with you to advance and perfect your idea.

Your goals

You want to turn your brilliant idea into a successful app that excites your target audience

You want to be involved in the development in a stress-free way without having to invest too much time

You don’t want to struggle with technology and still want to make steady progress

You want a contact person who understands you and treats your project like his own baby

Our offer

Have your own app developed

No matter where you stand right now. We advise and support you throughout the entire development process of your app. We accompany you from the idea to beyond the live run and develop an exclusive app for you, with simple operation, great design and your desired functions. And in addition:

Online in only 3 months

No kidding. Your app goes online in just 3 months with the most important features and you can already earn money with it. Beyond that, however, we will of course continue to support you.

Regular progress reports

You are the captain. We actively involve you in product development decisions, so you’re always well informed about progress.

Free bug fixing

We work conscientiously and thus have a low error rate. If a bug does creep in, we will fix it within 3 days at no extra cost.

For high-scaling companies and agencies

Lease qualified developers or whole team

The so-called “Staff Augmentation” offers you a flexible and cost-efficient way to expand your existing team and thus, without long-term commitments, to meet seasonal or temporary needs. This gives you access to a large pool of experts with specific skills to complete your project quickly and efficiently. This allows you to react quickly and easily to events without having to take risks in the recruitment process – flexible, competent and scalable as required.

Your challenge

You already have an existing development team, but need more resources or special knowledge / expertise in the short term

Your team needs additional helping hands(extended workbench) to successfully complete a project within a given timeframe

You may not have the time, budget, or desire to initiate a lengthy recruiting process

You have had a bad experience with recruiters, because they could not make a professional pre-selection for your individual problem.

Your goals

You want to bring experts into your team who can handle project tasks carefully and reliably

You need a quick and competent solution for a specific problem

You are looking for developers who can step in quickly and flexibly without generating high costs for recruiting and hiring.

You are interested in a scalable solution that is flexible and tailored to your situation

Our offer

Scale teams quickly & flexibly

We understand development and the hurdles that come with it. Therefore, we make a qualified preselection based on your requirements and thus quickly provide you with the optimal developers*, without elaborate recruitment programs, commissions and the like.

Technical preselection

We will find the right Flutter developer(s) for you in a technical assessment that is precise and a perfect fit for your requirements. Since we are developers ourselves, we understand your concerns far better than any placement agency.

Expertise guarantee

We are confident that our developers will optimally integrate into your team, both professionally and personally. If this is not the case, we will replace them quickly and easily and ensure a smooth transition.

Low onboarding time

Through our pre-screening process, we already know exactly where the journey is headed. Therefore, we already introduce our developers to your project internally, so that the onboarding time remains low.

Flexibly expandable at any time

We grow with you. If you need additional developers or whole teams, we can provide them quickly and without much effort.

Why Flutter Apps

The measurable benefits of Flutter development

Flutter offers a number of benefits for app development, including high-performance apps, code reusability, hot reload, multi-platform support, custom widgets, an active community, and a simple and flexible architecture. These features make it easier for developers to create high-quality applications and improve development speed and efficiency. With its rich functionality and ever-growing community, Flutter is a great choice for app developers.

Common code base for Apple and Android apps

Flexibly adaptable and expandable

Customized design & UI

Fast updates with “hot reload” function

Code base can also be used as a web app

High performance

Our services

App migrations

We migrate apps securely and reliably to a new environment

App design

We develop a high-quality design that appeals to and convinces your target group

App Submission

We control the live process in the stores for you and constantly update them.

Code Assessment

If desired, we can examine your existing code for conflicts and potentials


We support you in infrastructural decisions so that you don’t have problems later on


We design the most important functions of your app for you and lay the foundation for your success.

Knowledge transfer

If desired, our experts can build up new specialized knowledge in your existing team

Cross platform

We always develop cross-platform, saving 50% of valuable development time

Flutter App Development

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Hi, I’m Ben 👋

I have been involved in app development and marketing since 2009. Since then, I’ve founded several app companies and worked with a world-class team to create great apps that are used by millions of people around the world.

With us, you benefit from years of experience from countless projects and a top team of developers who know exactly what matters. We are fast, agile and personal. We’ve grown up developing our own products, which translates into working on every project as if it were our own app.

It’s that simple

If you would like to work with us, simply book an appointment for a non-binding analysis meeting. In this meeting we analyze your project together and determine at which point we can support you. We look forward to getting to know you and your project.


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Together we will find the optimal solution for your request.

Success stories our customers

Team Lounge

Team lounge enables social exchange and leadership at a distance through informal conversations. Teamlounge thus supports the fundamental shift towards hybrid working and helps to improve collaboration and strengthen personal contacts.

“Ben Heisch was involved in the development of Teamlounge from the very beginning. Thanks to the HappyByte team, we were able to move super fast with our app and experienced a collaboration as if we were a joint company.”

Marc Herling, CEO Teamlounge

Our platform is the most visited online camping guide in the German-speaking world, with over 23,000 campsites from 44 European countries.

“HappyByte did an excellent job developing our app.
The technically sophisticated features offer a great user experience.
The collaboration was smooth and we look forward to further development with HappyByte.”

Maximilian Möhrle, CEO


StayFree offers a large number of free and paid wild camping spots from responsible vanlifers.


Flygge is the first solution for campers that lets you plan, navigate, control your vehicle and share your experiences with friends.

Camino Camino

Find out about the most famous Camino de Santiago routesplan overnight stays, collect stamps and avoid unpleasant surprises

Proven processes for high quality

Our development process

Our standardized development process ensures reliability and quality at every stage. Even though each project is individual, we create a framework for successful apps that inspire your target audience.


Getting to know

After a short get to know each other we take your wishes


Concept & Design

We support you with the conception and design selection


App development

We realize your app and involve you proactively in its progress


App release

Your app goes live and can be downloaded and used immediately

Ready to start?

We will be happy to help you put together the best possible solution. Write us a message and tell us something about your project. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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