HappyByte Develops Fortissimo Education App for EU children


HappyByte Partners with Fortissimo vGmbH to Develop the Innovative Fortissimo App, Enhancing Classical Music Education for European Children and Families

[Łódź, 07.04.2023] – HappyByte, Europe’s software development company that specializes in developing cutting-edge apps using the versatile Flutter framework, is proud to announce its partnership with the Fortissimo vGmbH of Bolzano and Trento to develop the Fortissimo App, an innovative educational tool designed to teach children about classical music in an engaging and interactive way. The project aims to create a unique multimedia learning experience that combines technology, music performances, and inclusive learning to bring classical music closer to European families, schools and children.

HappyByte is responsible for developing two out of the three main technical components of the project: the Fortissimo App and the Teachers’ Area. Leveraging the cross-platform capabilities of Flutter, the Fortissimo App will be available on iOS, Android, and web platforms, offering a range of games and activities based on different game types. This cross-platform advantage, which makes it even stronger compared to React Native, ensures seamless integration into music education for parents and teachers, fostering a love for classical music among children from an early age.

The Teachers’ Area will enable educators to integrate the Fortissimo App into their music classes effectively. It will allow them to create customized learning paths, monitor student progress, and access a wealth of multimedia resources to support their teaching.

“We are happy to be part of a project that showcases technical innovation. Flutter’s renowned flexibility and high performance have been fully harnessed in Fortissimo, enabling us to deliver a cutting-edge user experience. By incorporating a rich assortment of interactive animations and mini-games, we’ve transformed classical music education into an easily accessible and engaging learning experience,” states Marek Dobrowolski, Technical Lead at HappyByte.

HappyByte is a renowned software development company with a reputation for delivering high-quality, user-friendly applications for various industries. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, HappyByte is committed to creating cutting-edge solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of its clients. In the Fortissimo project, HappyByte will leverage its extensive experience and technical expertise with Flutter technology to ensure a seamless, engaging, and accessible learning experience for all users.

“Our HappyByte team is proud to be involved in projects that harness the power of Flutter for cross-platform app development in the European market. We’re delighted to contribute our technical expertise to create innovative solutions that resonate with our audience. As champions of Flutter, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving the future of app development across platforms,” comments Ben Heisch, CEO of HappyByte.

The Fortissimo App is poised to make a significant impact on classical music education throughout Europe. 24 European institutions, among them many opera houses and orchestras, are involved in the project. By next year the app will be released in 11 languages. By offering an inclusive, multimedia learning platform, the app will inspire a new generation of music enthusiasts to explore and appreciate classical music. This partnership between HappyByte and Fortissimo vGmbH is a testament to their shared commitment to enhancing cultural education and fostering a love for the arts among young people.

As the project progresses, HappyByte looks forward to sharing updates on the development and success of the Fortissimo App, as well as its ongoing contributions to classical music education and its positive impact on European children and families.

For more information about HappyByte and the Fortissimo App project, please visit https://www.fortissimo.education

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