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Our Flutter experts check your Flutter app for security, usability and hidden potential within a few days – at a fixed price without any obligation.

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Our experienced and skilled team of Flutter developers performs a thorough code assessment using best practices to evaluate the quality, performance, and scalability of your Flutter app. We analyze the code, verify compliance with best development practices, and identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.

Structured & Understandable

Detailed final report

After the assessment you will receive a Comprehensive evaluation and clear recommendations for optimizing your Flutter app. For example, in the form of:

  • Code quality assessment
  • Architecture and design evaluation
  • Performance optimization
  • Safety assessment
  • Recommendations and recommended actions
  • Optimization possibilities

Save time and money and nerves

With our Code Assessment, you’ll get detailed insights and recommendations on how to optimize your Flutter code. We help you develop efficient and well-structured code that is easily maintainable, extensible and robust.

Advantages of the Code Assessment

Before the assessment

You want to scale and market your app, but you still have some challenges:

Poor app performance

Heavy and complex maintainability

Various unaddressed security risks

Use of obsolete technologies

Lack of understanding about code base and quality

High technical debt

Unused potential

After the assessment

As a result of our code assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report with insights on:

Performance optimization and scaling

Simplified maintenance and expandability

Reduction of security risks

Updates of technologies and frameworks

Accurate understanding about code base and quality

Consistent reduction of technical debt

Extensive opportunities for improvement

What we check

Contents of our proven Flutter Code Assessment

Code quality

We check code quality by looking for clear structuring, clean formatting, consistent naming conventions, and readability-optimized code.

Architecture & Pattern

We make sure that architectural principles such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) or BLoC (Business Logic Component) have been implemented correctly and that they contribute to the scalability and maintainability of the app


We verify that the app’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly and complies with Flutter’s overall design guidelines, ensuring clear navigation, intuitive controls, and a smooth user experience.


We check the performance of the app, optimizations like caching data, lazy loading or using Flutter’s performance tools have been implemented to ensure a responsive app with high performance.


We look at whether the most important functionalities and scenarios of the app are covered by tests, e.g. in the form of unit tests, integration tests and widget tests. The goal is to ensure the robustness and stability of the app.


We check that the code is adequately documented, e.g. in the form of comments, descriptions of functions and classes, or instructions for use, with the aim of making it easier for other developers to understand and collaborate.


Many other components, depending on the individual situation. With the goal of ensuring a robust and successful app.

Many years of experience & proven standards

Our Flutter Experts

Our Flutter experts have a deep knowledge of Flutter, Dart, frameworks, widgets, backend systems, etc. and help you scale your app safely and performantly.




Senior Flutter Developer & Software Architect

  • 20+ years of experience as a developer
  • 5 years Flutter / Dart
  • 7 projects in Flutter, 4 as Lead Developer
  • Custom visual effects and animations
  • Rive
  • Audio APIs
  • Camera APIs
  • Video and image processing
  • Bluetooth APIs
  • Firebase SDK

Others: System design and architecture, medical device software, embedded software, game development, C, C++ Java




    Senior Flutter Developer & Software Architect

    • 6 years experience as developer
    • 5 years Flutter/Dart
    • 6 projects in Flutter, 5 of them as Lead Developer
    • Flutter Web
    • Framework internals
    • Plugin development
    • Embedding Flutter in native projects
    • WebSockets / HTTP APIs
    • Firebase SDK

    Others: Embedded software, Operating systems (drivers, Kernel etc.), Native iOS/Android development continuous integration (Jenkins, Fastlane), System design and architecture, C/C++, Java, Swift, Kotlin, Bash, Groovy

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    Assessment Report

    Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report on all potentials found and how to best exploit them


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